2.4Ghz Channel Width

  • Is there a way to force the channel width to 40 on the 2.4Ghz channel.

    Here's the reason for my question, I've recently discovered that my poor performance I've been experiencing with my Logitech Circle 2's are actually due to the channel width. I had added an additional outdoor Ubiquiti antenna (UAP-FlexHD) on the one side of my house and discovered after extensive testing how with a channel width set to 20, the cameras were choppy and struggled with signal quality rating in the 60%'s. Once changing the width to 40 on that antenna, the cameras completely cleared up and the video feeds were buttery smooth, not to mention the signal quality rating on 2.4 jumped up into the 90%'s

    Not all cameras can utilize this antenna however, and some are connecting to my aliens I have in the house. I already have the channel width set to 20/40 in the 2.4ghz settings, however when I do a scan of my environment, the current 2.4ghz is reporting at only 20 width, which would explain why my other cameras at times have a choppy feed even though the signal strength is good.

    So how can I force it to use a width of 40?

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