Add secondary port to the Alien Mesh Point

  • For a $700 system, it should have a secondary port. One to allow for a true ethernet backhaul, and another to allow you to hardwire a device.... Can't believe at this price point we even have to ask for this as consumers.

  • Not trying to "down vote"/"down play" your suggestion, it's still a valid one for Amplifi to consider for the future... but there are some options for those who may have missed them:
    1- Instead of buying the $700 kit with mesh point, buy 2 Aliens... This is an additional $60, but also has the following advantages:

    • The 2nd alien is not locked to only work with the main unit, you could use both independently or together and if one ever had issues you only have to replace that one unit not both... or if you ever wanted to upgrade you could reuse or sell each unit independently. Full Disclosure: I have 2 (one as router and a second as ethernet backhauled RAMP) and have never had any HW issues with either .
    • The 2nd alien has 4 LAN ports (and the touch screen display).

    2- If you have the wiring top support the ethernet backhaul, then you can also consider adding a simple/small LAN switch "before" the mesh point. That will give you additional ports at the same location as your mesh point.

  • @oscartoro Very valid point. $60 more but probably makes up for that in resale value down the road.

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