AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.6.0

  • @imamacnewbie Good for you BUT if you have 1gb/s should you not at least get 900Mbit/s instead of 465Mbit/s that you are getting now?

    That's half the speed of what you should get.

  • @jaja-eeh That is a good point about the 456Mbit/s speed. On my M1 Mac Mini which is a wired connection, I get 450+/21+ on a 400/20 connection.

  • @jaja-eeh The answer is no using the HD. It will max out about 600. I get 600/500 wireless running fiber 1G/1G, but I get 950+/- with a wired connection. Can’t wait for WIFI6E to be widely available.

  • But Amplifi says HD is a gigabit Router, then if it is a gig router shouldn't it offer at least 900 - 950 Mbit/s to people that bought HD Amplifi ?

  • Hi @jaja-eeh - per the data sheet the highest data rate the HD is capable of negotiating is 802.11ac MCS9 1300 Mbps using 3 MIMO VHT 80 chains

    A more typical 2 MIMO chain client will have a highest theoretical data rate of 867 Mbps if you can exclusively utilize a clean 80 MHz channel

    Once you factor in noise, overhead and contention, achieving throughput in the high 400's is common and anything in the 500's to 600's is very good

    Even if you do happen to have a 3 MIMO capable client the HD becomes rate limited by its internal packet processing speed between the switch side to the radio side, which one of the AmpliFi engineers once pegged at around 700 Mbps

    Only when they added hardware NAT acceleration where they able to maintain gigabit internet speeds on the wired switch

    And for the last scenario, if you happen to have two 3 MIMO 1300 Mbps capable clients in a perfect environment, since the HD's only have one 5GHz radio and are only SU-MIMO capable anyways, a wireless-to-wireless transfer would require a hop though the access point splitting the bandwidth throughput in half

  • @jaja-eeh GB on the wired side, WiFi is limited to the standard available at the time the device was designed. Derek has provided the details.

  • I said I would give an update after a month of being on 3.6.0. I am a little late, but I can happily say that I have been on 3.6.0 for 1 month and 8 days, and so far, no problems. Plus, as I said in a previous report, I am getting a slight bump in speed. I am glad I decided to go to this release from 3.1.2, which I was on for a long time.

  • OK, just applied 3.6.0 to my setup. Early reports are OK, no obvious issues. Speed test results look unchanged. User testing and some poking to follow.

  • @jaja-eeh I get 904 up/939 down wired. As I stated, I get AT LEAST 465 wifi and I'm pleased with that. I haven't seen any units that could put out the same in wifi as they did wired. I'm just an average consumer, not a professional, so I look for reasonable speed and solid connections. There are probably switches that I should throw to get slightly better speeds, but I'm not interested in spending tons of time fine tuning it.

  • @James-Earl-Ford Same here, so far so good as well. Speeds good, no apple device slowness, no having to reboot any units. Also 802.11r seems to be working correctly.

  • Not sure if its a iOS, teleport issue or this firmware but I can no longer connect. Tunnel cant be created and says generic error. This is with iPad and IPhone iOS beta 15…anyone experience this issue?

    Confirmed by AmpliFi iOS 15 breaks teleport…investigating.

  • @imamacnewbie Which firmware version are you since you get above 900Mbit/s ?

  • @jaja-eeh 3.6.0 just like the title of this thread

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