AmpliFi HD Firmware v3.6.0

  • @michro Hello, we are sorry to hear that your AmpliFi router has run into this issue. Please contact our support team and they will provide you with an official firmware.AmpliFi Support

  • @James-Earl-Ford +1 here as well 🙂 I have 4 HDs wired together and no issues since the 3.6.0

  • 3 HDs here, one attached to the gigabit router, 2 others attached to it via ethernet backhaul. After I don't use the network (at least heavily) for a while I have noticed that both backhaul HDs often report "no internet connection" on their screens in spite of being wired to the central HD the whole time. Sometimes they come back online when I start using the main HD, other times I have to reboot everything. It is almost as though there is some sleep or low-power function that's causing them to timeout with 3.6.0, since this all started shortly after the upgrade.

    Has anybody else seen this particular situation?

  • @mysteryclock 2 HDs here. Closest I have to that was under 3.1.2, backhaul on Port 1 would stay up, but the other 3 Ethernet ports would work fine for a while... then drop. Didn't matter if I unplugged/plugged the Ethernet cables back in. Reboot the end device.. maybe. Reboot the HD, eh, maybe works again for a while. No rhyme or reason. Physical ports on the HD were so unreliable for me that Port 1 became backhaul through a switch to provide stable ports for my other gear. 😕

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