Very inconsistent speeds

  • Testing with Ookla speedtest gives a different result for almost every run (but very poor for the most part). Testing Wifi bandwidth.

    I can sit in the exact same location, click Go, get 270mbit. Wait 1 minute, test again; and get 12mbit. This is 5 meters in front of the router.

    On a different device in the same room it is actually connected to a mesh point 10 meters further away, and the signal strength is 10% better than what I get from the router in front of me.

    All in all the router seems very unstable. if I do the ISP test inside the App i get consistent high speeds. Using Wifi I get nothing steady. This is with 1-2 active devices on Wifi.

    any tips on what on earth this could be?

    another note. it says Mesh point "Too Far" away when it is 10 meters away on same floor. What's the point of a Mesh if they all need to be inside the same room? Frustrating experience.

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