Router screen stuck on "Upgrading"

  • I was prompted to update my HD router firmware today and did so. The router screen reads "Upgrading" and hasn't changed over 24 hours since initiating the update earlier today. I unplugged the router an hour after initiating the update hoping the screen would clear but it did not. The router isn't bricked, it's working but I don't know if the update ever completed.

  • I seem to have the same problem, except that the "upgrading" message has disappeared. The lcd screen is now just black and the led lights are always on.
    I can not change them with the apps. The router is still working, but I prefer to
    switch of the led lights, and more importantly, I need the lcd screen to add a

    I have tried most suggestions, removing the power and cables, factory resets, downgrading the firmware, and even allowing the beta firmware.

    It clearly is a software issue, because the lcd screen can still display "upgrading" at start-up.

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