• So virtually every remote device runs on 2.4GHz (cameras, garage openers, door bells etc...) it'd be handy to be able to "toggle" devices to that band. IE: I find it virtually impossible to maintain 2.4GHz on my iPhone it constantly hooks to the fastest signal. So device apps can't sync. Once synced they have no problem communicating through the bands, it is only when the initial sync there is a problem. So instead of just "pause- unpause" add a toggle 2.4GHz-5GHz-6GHz or more simply a toggle to 2.4GHz-ONLY. Or turn the whole router to only broadcast 2.4GHz with a switch like WPA/WPA2/WPS Sync button. Depressed = 2.4GHz only.

  • @CD-_dude You can enable a separate 2.4ghz band. That's what I do so I can have devices always on 5ghz and some on 2ghz.

  • "drabdau"
    Thanks for the response, yes I had found the way you say (I should have edited my post). I got so busy setting everything up I didn't get back to correct my post. I've never had a router that was as customizable as this..... In my advancing years I have a harder time "drilling" down through all the menus.
    thank you for taking time to answer

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