Ability to kick off a device from the WIFI and have them reconnect to use WIFI

  • I keep an eye on all new devices accessing my Alien router network. I see some devices I don't recognize and I would like the option to kick them off the network. The device/user should be prompted to reconnect to the WIFI network. I can change the router password but with over 34 active known devices (many of those smart IOT home devices which are PITA to resync) I'd rather not do that.

  • Unfortunately this isn't something routers can do. The devices save the SSID and password so it's up to the individual devices to either save or forget the credentials. The router can't send any message forcing them to forget.

    The closest thing routers can do is block their internet connection. Luckily the Amplifi app has this feature already.

  • @alexfeldmeier not true, many routers I've had have blacklists that record the wifi mac address and simply doesn't let that mac log in.

  • That's true, you can kick them off that way, but you can't force the client to reconnect like the OP is asking for. You'd have to go into the router settings, then the device would automatically connect without needing to retype the password

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