Mesh point throughput drops to under 1mbps frequently on 5GHz

  • Continuing from the old but still relevant topic:

    Since the end of 2020 this issue became simply unbearable and happening several times a day!

    I blamed my neighbour's router for interference at first but this doesn't seem to be the case, I can see that router operation in Channel 36 while my uses 149

    I am not in the situation when I developed wi-fi anxiety and can't simply rely on my network. When the mesh point is on it'd go into "under 1 mbps" throughput mode several times a day and I would find my iPhone unusable until I physically reboot the mesh point

    If I turn if off permanently I actually have MUCH better throughput from the main HD router but randomly I'd find that the phone has dropped to 2.4GHz band in one particular spot (band steering enabled). If I restart wifi on the iPhone it will connect happily to 5GHz in the same spot and will show 5-10 higher throughput that on 2.4 band. The only way to avoid this behaviour is to turn the mesh point on - this gives me a half of the throughput compared to the direct connection but it's consistent 5GHz... but then it goes in "under 1 mpbs" and I have to reboot it

    I collected support files at the time of the slowdown. Can I submit them to be reviewed without going via full support incident script?

  • Just to report that I solved all my issues described above by completely decommissioning one mesh point and creating an additional 5GHz SSID on both the router and the basement mesh point

    Then I set my iPhone to auto-join only the additional 5GHz SSID

    Now I have very stable and fast connection everywhere. No more random fall backs to 2.4 band and no issues with mesh points

    A nice surprise for me was that I can create the additional SSID with the same name and it still works as mesh

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