Issue with 5 Ghz

  • Hi,
    Lately, I am having an issue with connecting to on 5 GHz wifi signal with my iMac. My setup is that I have one wifi signal called Alien (2.4 and 5) and 2 other wifi signals: 2.4 and 5 separately.
    Recently my iMac decided to connect only to Alien wifi, and if I try to connect to 5x I got an error message asking me to type a password, and even if I type the correct password, it still does not allow me to connect to that wifi.
    And if it decides to give me 2.4 on Alien signal, my download is really slow, so I prefer to have it on 5.

    Is this a known bug? Can I do something about it? I am running latest Alien firmware release.

  • @pungas hello ,
    Try to disable 802.11r in the web UI and connect to the 5Ghz SSID , hope it help .

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