Wifi bouncing every couple of minutes

  • My Alien picked up a new habit tonight. The wifi started going up and down... its up for about 2 minutes then down for 2 minutes etc. No changes were made and in fact I wasnt even home when this started (I started getting text alerts that things were offline). When I got home Id watch the display on it, and it would flat line around 10% (just a guess), then go back to normal. No other errors or anomlies on the display at all. It doesnt reboot or anything. I did try cycling power but it didnt help. All my devices are definitely losing wifi. Im running most current version 3.5.2 and havent made any changes to it in about 2 months. The device has been really solid up until now.
    I cant even get the Support Info to download, I lose internet before it is able to do it and then it times out.
    ANY Tips appreciated!

  • Just as an update, if I jack in, it also drops, and its 5ghz and 2.4ghz. So it seems everything drops for a minute then comes back. I think its dead.

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