Ability to block content(websites, youtube, etc)

  • Like the alien router however I am very disappointed with lack of truly routing features on this device. For $775 a pair this is definitely the most expensive router. Amplify needs to beef up this router with some rich features like mentioned above to sustain.

  • Just a tip.. buy a Pi and use Pi.hole or adguard home.. Then you have the control you want and not managed by the Amplifi. Working perfect over here (was previously using the adblocker in Amplifi) with all the control you want.

  • +1 on using a Pi-hole setup. I have two Raspberry Pi's (one 4 and one 3b+) which run both Unbound and Pi-hole. They are hardwired directly to my Alien. They work great with the Pi-Hole's group management features which are extremely flexible and powerful.

  • +1 on Pi-hole running on a RPi 4 B with my Alien router.

  • I use NextDNS, it's like PiHole in the cloud. www.nextdns.io

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