Amplifi HD and additional Instant Kit as mesh router not possible

  • After moving into new location my WLAN range is reduced due to very thick walls. So i bought an additonal Amplifi Instant Kit (1 Router + 1 MeshPoint) as a range extender.

    So accordingly to the manuals even on the Amplifi HP there should be no issues for using Instant kit as Mesh point.

    I powered everything according to the manual.

    Even in the Amplifi App there is a "New mesh point" available incl. "Add to network" button. But if i "add to network", i should name my mesh point. So i name my mesh point but the instant blinks white and the app shows again: "please name your mesh point".

    Other option to add this meshpoint over my HD like in the manual (showing in the big screen to connect to existing network) doesn't show up.

    If i change in my amplifi App the router, i can access to the instant and can set up a new WLAN and everything else.

    Normally, the instant should be a mesh router and should be possible. Is there a trick / workaround to pair HD and instant as a mesh?

    I tried an other phone but same thing... not possible to get instant kit into mesh adding mode.

  • Hi @Einsqachtvier - only standalone units can be added to an existing installation as mesh points

    If you have a kit, it must be used as the primary router, and only one kit may be used per mesh installation

    So in order to maintain your HD as the primary router, you would need to return the Instant Kit and purchase standalone Instant or HD routers to be installed as mesh points

  • Oh, bad.

    Thanks for the clarification.

    in short:

    Instant kit + HD: works

    Instand stand alone + HD: works

    HD + instant stand alone: works

    HD + instant kit: doesn't work

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