Allow adoption by Unifi or build an Amplifi controller with advanced mode.

  • Please offer an 'advanced' mode or allow the Alien Routers (if in bridge mode, at the least) to be adopted as part of the Unifi infrastructure in the controller. I realize they're two different product lines, but offering this flexibility would increase sales on the Amplifi line for sure. Creating a kick-ass looking, high-performance wireless router that looks like it came straight out of the Matrix and not expecting 'prosumers' and network engineering geeks to want to buy it and customize it is objectively the wrong idea. I am about to return my two Alien Routers and get some less-exciting Wifi 6 Unifi APs (if they're ever available again) because I have no way to control create a simple segregated IOT network, no IDS/IPS, or any way to get decent metrics, event logging, etc.

  • While it would be cool, there's no real point. AmpliFi is the consumer end line, and Unifi is the prosumer/professional line. They already have the UDM on the prosumer end of things which has a built in Cloud Key.

    I would love to have some sort of UDM Pro/Unifi device that has the same Alien display output on them, or a wifi device that is strictly a network monitor device. I would love to have something that can sit on my desk and show me all the same stats.

  • I think the Amplifi line is still being bought by majority of people who want advanced options.

  • Amplifi is one of my biggest disappointments of mine just because there's no way to configure it in an advanced way, although there could be.
    Had I known that I cannot even define static routes before I bought it, I would have reconsidered.
    Also, any consumer router has a lot more configuration possibilities than this one.

    I feel that this phrase "oh, but this is a consumer product" is just an excuse for not offering a complete control software package.

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