Considering 3rd Alien router in Mesh mode... Need guidance...

  • I have 2 Alien's right now in mesh configuration, wireless backbone. The primary is at the front of the house, and the secondary is at the back of the house. My house is about 100 years old and some, but not all, of the walls have plaster and lathe construction to them and aluminum siding. Anyway, the secondary one reports a signal strength of -52dB (which is shown as "Good") at a distance of about 50 feet. If I place the router closer to the center of my house, I will get an "Optimal" report and I will hit 1.5Gbps wireless mesh link speed no problem. At the "Good" distance, it fluctuates between 500-800Mbps (on a good day, most of the time it's around 600Mbps). I am considering putting a 3rd Alien in the center of my house to improve coverage a bit. Will this hinder performance to the backmost mesh point? Will the rear-most unit connect to the middle mesh point and not the primary unit?

    I'm a bit frustrated because even at the "Good" signal strength, the Alien router in the back of the house used to report 1-1.2Gbps link speed. Not sure what has happened over the last month or so but I am not happy with the speed as of late. There have been no environmental changes to warrant the change in speed, I check my local wireless environment every so often to make sure I am on a clean channel still and I am. No new AP's around my house have cropped up (except for a DTV AP which is in a DFS channel). I suspect that when firmware updates are applied, the chipset gets a firmware flash that is not reversible like the rest of the device's OS is, so whatever "optimizations" happened for the signal, they remain as such despite rolling back the device's operating firmware.

  • @cmdshft I am really jealous of your speeds. I tried a similar setup and I can't even get my mesh unit to connect that far away from the main router. Also my mesh unit which is only about 20 feet away from the main router in the next room over is only giving me about 370 down, albeit through concrete walls. I just got a second mesh point today for the back of my house and that is giving me speeds of about 230 down as it is connecting to the first mesh unit.

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