Ad Blocker not working as it used to.

  • Hi, The Ad Blocker used to block Google ads on all the sites. I noticed that for the past couple of weeks that is not happening. e.g., the site: now shows ads, while it did not use to show any before.

    Can you please fix it, so I do not see those Ads again?

    FYI:- the Ad Blocker that I am referring to is accessed via amplifi.lan . Once logged in, check on the box that says "Ad blocker"

  • Since a couple of weeks I also have an issue with the built-in AD blocker. Searching the Amazon Site (via their search) for a product takes ages to come up with results. As soon as I disable the Amplifi HD's AD-blocking feature, everything works as supposed to.

    There must have been some changes lately to the blocklist, this didn't occur previously.

    Maybe someone of the Support Team could check what's been changed and maybe fix that.

  • So far, nothing has changed, still the same on Amazon

  • Quick update, seems to be fixed now, pages loading fine and quick again

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