Upgraded from Amplifi HD?

  • Warning: Long post ahead

    I finally bit the bullet and got the Alien setup. I ordered the Alien pack with one mesh to begin with and it arrived on Tuesday. I upgraded from the Amplifi HD.

    The Pros:
    It all just works. I upgraded to a gigabit connection a couple of weeks ago and the supplied router wasn't great. My speeds hardwired in are what they should be consistently and not dropping to half that like the supplied modem. I had previously tried the ASUS XT8 system which wasn't bad but it had issues with my Ring Doorbell, It had issues with my Sonos speakers and had issues with my Bose speakers. It also had awful roaming whereby my iPhones and iPads would constantly drop connection while walking around the house. I also tried an Orbi RBK753 system and that thing just kept falling over and never worked right.

    The cons:
    The Alien units don't have anywhere near the range as the HD mesh units. I am after trying to put the Alien mesh units in the same place as the HD ones and they don't connect. The signal strength is worse off by about 10 RSI. This has bummed me out. Also the speeds are only OK. When I am right beside the main router the speeds are great - about 840 down. The next mesh point is located in a room across a narrow hall from the main unit. If I put it as close as possible to the main router I am getting about 510 down. But when I put it where I need it to be, which is only a few more feet away, then the speed drops to about 370 down. I ordered another unit as a second mesh point for the back of the house and it arrived an hour ago. That is connecting through the first mesh point and giving me about 220 down.

    I'm a little disappointed in the speeds as so many people here seem to be getting great speeds. I guess it could be my house. The main router is in a room with solid concrete brick walls so could be blocking quite a bit of signal. Being in the EU the units I have are also only dual-band as opposed to tri-band in the US.
    I am still happy enough overall as it's an improvement in wireless speeds over the HD and everything works great so far, unlike other wifi 6 mesh systems I have tried. I still do wonder about the Orbi RBK853 system as the speeds on them are meant to be the best you can get with a mesh system. Hopefully I can figure out a way to run CAT6 around the house without having to completely ruin walls etc. I wonder is there anything I can do to get better speeds and if anyone has similar experiences?
    Anyway, hopefully some might find this post helpful.

  • @Declan-Twomey I have just got the Asus XT8 mesh system to replace my Alien EU and the difference in speed, WiFi range and backhaul speed is just night and day and so much better than the Alien in a house with thick concrete walls as well. I am so impressed by the Asus that the Alien is likely to be on its way to eBay soon. Did you look at any tweaks of your settings on the Asus (man it is shocking the amount of things I can control on the Asus compared to such limited settings on the Alien)? May be we should do a device swap 😜

  • @Ali-Hadi I had so many issues with the XT8 system at home that the better speeds would be useless to me. I am hoping to get a wired back haul at some stage to sort out speeds.

  • @Ali-Hadi If you do ebay your Alien and are in the UK I may be looking for another unit so could be interested 🙂

  • @Joe-Johal I sure will let you know (when I am ready to let go). It is sitting in its box unused now.

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