EU or UK Variant for Irish customer?

  • Hi All, I am planning to purchase the AmpliFi Instant System, and I am just wondering what the EU or UK variant relates to? I am in Ireland, so if this variant relates to the Power Outlet, then we would use the same as the UK. Can someone confirm please?


  • @stevehega Yes, it is just the power plug that is different and both versions should work normally in Ireland with no problem (you can just use an adapter if you buy the EU version).

  • Thanks for the reply Ali,
    FWIW, below is the response that I received from Support:
    "The wireless frequency of the AmpliFi instant EU version and AmpliFi instant UK version differs accordingly that specific country/region's law. So, in this case, we recommend using the AmpliFi instant EU variant in Ireland."

    So maybe purchasing the EU variant is the safest option. Purchasing should be a lot simpler than this!

  • @stevehega I have a feeling Steve that this is just a standard CS reply as I have used both and saw no difference whatsoever. Still, follow their advice to be completely safe just in case.

  • Thanks Ali, I tend to agree with you 🙂

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