Advise on AmpliFi HD Topology (Multiple Routers)

  • Hello All

    I have a traditional Ubiquity set up at home with a USG and a number of POE switches. However im moving house soon and its not going to be possible to run cables making my old kit sadly redundant (ebay it goes).

    Anyway ive been reading up and the AmpliFi HD Mesh Router and the mesh point units will do the job. However I have a few systems that require being plugged in. For example i send some HDMI over my network and the receivers need a RJ45 connection. Will i need to buy a HD router for each part of the house that requires wired connectivity?

    If so

    I assume i have a primary router and the rest on the network just act as points i connect / cable into?

    Also does the router itself give off Wifi coverage?

    Many Thanks


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