Will this work?

  • I'm looking at getting an amplifi HD setup, not fussed about ethernet backhaul.

    Basically I'm looking at the Amplifi HD Kit, connecting the router to my BT ADSL modem on my ground floor and putting a meshpoint on the other two floors.

    Only issue is, one device on the top floor needs a hardwired LAN port, can I just add a standalone HD router as an additional meshpoint and use the ports on that, or, can anyone think of a better way of accomplishing the same thing?

    Thanks in advance.

  • @William-Chellam Yes you can. However, I strongly advise you to NOT purchase a kit as the meshpoints are locked to the router. They can't be used with any other Amplified product, and should the router fail, the meshpoints become a write-off. This has been covered in many other threads on this forum. Buy stand-alone devices only. There's is, somewhere on the forum, a chart with guidance on what interoperates with what.

  • Hi @William-Chellam - as @Matthew-Leeds stated, most of the community members on this site would not recommend an HD Kit because of the locked mesh points

    It is also hard to know how much coverage you need, your throughput needs, and what your budget allows

    I personally would recommend that you start by purchasing 2 standalone HD routers and install them in the 2 primary locations that you mention (ground floor near modem and top floor for hardwired LAN) and just check the coverage - it may be enough

    If the two HD's cannot communicate sufficiently and/or you still require more coverage you can then add an additional access point

    From a budget standpoint, using the US store numbers, an HD Kit + HD = $490
    Three HD routers would only be $450 (you may only actually need 2) and it would be a much much better setup than using a kit

    Also know that AmpliFi does not use dedicated backhaul radios, so you lose throughput (roughly 50%) for every wireless hop

    Alternatively, if Ethernet backhaul is not possible from the top floor to the bottom floor, there are also options to consider using existing coax (MOCA) or powerline adapters

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