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  • I have just moved from a Netgear Nighthawk router to Alien. All of my wireless devices have now transfered to the new router. That is apart from my Nest protect which subborlny refuse. They just dont see any wireless network. Has anyone got a fix for this. Im sure it must be a setting as i dont have problems with any other devices.

  • I've got 5 Protects and they have all connected from day 1 of the Alien. I'm using a single Alien for my ~2000sqft house, and I'm also on the 3.6.0rc2 release.

    So while I don't have good troubleshooting, I can say it does work 😉 I've found Amplifi support to be pretty solid, so it's worth reaching out to them.

  • @skydivechris :
    Sorry if you've already gone through some of this... just trying to cover all the bases.
    1- Do you have a 1st Gen or 2nd Gen Nest Protect device? If you don't know then this might help:
    2- Once you know the generation you may want to troubleshoot using the steps in this other support page:
    3- Once you've gone through #2, if you still have issues (for instance your wi-fi network still doesn't show up while trying to connect to it from the Nest app) then you may want to follow some of the guides on the right side of that page (like the one called "My Wi-Fi network does not appear in the list of available networks during setup").
    4- If you are still having issues seeing the network after 1-3, then you may want to try creating an "Router Additional SSID - 2.4GHz" from within the Amplifi App (under Router's Settings/Wireless) and see if your Nest sees that one.

  • @oscartoro @stellman - thank you - after much tinkering around i now have everything working. Next job is to create a mesh with a second unit!

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