2 Meshkits and a router - Is that right?

  • I have 2 mesh kits and a stand alone router. All Alien of course. However they look like they are on three different Wifi networks with the same name. Is there something I am doing wrong in the config? Because when I tried to add the router from the screen where it detects it, it looped on the router name and wouldnt move forward.

    Is this config correct? Can you use two pairs of meshkit and router and a router on the same network? Is there a router limitation?

    Thank you in advance!

  • Hi @JasonC - there is a limitation that you can have only one kit per mesh installation and a second limitation that the kit's router must be the primary

    So you cannot mesh two kits together and you cannot add a kit to a standalone router install

    With the 3 items that you have (2 kits + 1 standalone Alien) the largest single mesh installation you could create would be to first install one kit and then add the standalone Alien as a mesh point

    The second kit would have to be installed and managed separately (i.e. Bridge mode)

  • @Derek-Saville

    So if I want more than one access point, I need one mesh kit as the primary, then 3 routers for giving me a total of 5 access points?

  • @JasonC You would need to use one mesh kit and any additional hardware will need to be actual full Alien routers configured as mesh points.

  • @JasonC Avoid mesh kits, they limit the flexibility you get from stand alone units, and should the mesh kit router fail, you can toss the mesh points as they won't work with any other router. If you can, return the kits and start over. By using routers as mesh points you can start with two total, then add additional routers as needed if you're not getting the coverage you need.

  • Hi @JasonC - will your mesh points be using wireless backhaul, Ethernet backhaul, or some of each?

    Do you need Ethernet ports at any of the wireless backhaul AP locations?

    Regarding Alien kits, as others have mentioned, the cost savings (~$60 USD on the US store) is generally considered not worth the potential loss of both units if only one fails, but there is nothing wrong with saving the money as long as you accept the risk

    From a total cost perspective, once you get above 2 or 3 Aliens, it is often worth considering a UniFi solution of access points, which now include WiFi-6 models

    There are a lot of good online resources for setting up a UniFi network, including their community...

    I personally also recommend McCann Tech for information, comparisons and guides...

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