Disappointing Customer Service - Faulty Power Adapter

  • Hello.

    I purchased my Mesh kit in 2019. I paid more than the average for Amplifi because of the positive reviews. Out of nowhere, the Router now reports "Adapter Error" and won't boot. I have tried multiple other USB-C PSUs / chargers and I get the same error. I raised this with Ubiquity support today and they cancelled the RMA because I am outside of warranty.

    On doing further reading, this is incredibly common. Given I have owned hundreds of devices and never known a PSU to fail, it is rather concerning that it is commonplace for this device. Apparently, you can try a bunch of third party PSUs but they probably won't work, so I am left not knowing if it's the PSU or the Router that's faulty and with no support from Ubiquity.

    I can't even sell the mesh points as they are locked to a router I now can't use.

    A very expensive mistake. I can't find anywhere to buy another PSU in the UK, but why should I have to? And will I need more for when this happens again? Not good.

  • @beadlesabout Hello. Unfortunately, if a product is out of warranty we cannot replace the unit.
    However you can buy a third-party power supply unit that other community member has suggested AMPLIFIHD ROUTER POWER SUPPLY

  • Why do your power supplies fail so often and why don't you supply replacements? You know that if I had the energy to pursue this under consumer law you would need to provide one, so why not do the right thing? It's like you want to see as many of your products in landfill as possible!

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