Setting Alien to broadcast 5.0 or 2.4 only

  • I know this has been posted in various other threads with various responses to each inquiry, however, starting a new thread as the responses generally only state that the solution is to enable separate SSIDs (which is not what I'm trying to do).

    I have two Alien routers (don't ask) and use one of the Alien's as an AP behind a Firewalla router. I'd like to use the second Alien router as an AP and segment the router LANs with differing rules whether it's a 5.0 or 2.4 network (generally for IoT isolation). I live in a condo that has very, very congested airwaves so I don't want to unnecessarily pump out additional interference (or create interference for myself).

    Is there really no way to force the Alien to only broadcast 5.0 or only broadcast 2.4? This functionality has been present on every other router / wifi AP I've had prior to the Alien (including my AT&T isp box [which even allowed for adjustment of broadcast power]) so I find it odd that a router that should be far more sophisticated not allowing for this.

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