Heat limits on the AmpliFi HD??

  • I've got 3 wired RAMPS from one end of the house(where the ISP comes in) to the other where it's currently in an air conditioned golf cart garage area in Mississippi. The final unit is putting out 491 down/497up on 3.6.0 in the small area where it's actually not needed. In the center of the house's actual garage some 50 feet away, it drops to 25.4 down/11.71 upand continues to drop to the garage eave where I'm trying to place a Nest camera. The last time I measured, it dropped all the way 3-5 down/1-2 up.

    What I want to know is can I safely put the RAMP up in the attic above the garage? That placement would put it within 25 feet of the camera and no metal doors to go thru. It will not be air conditioned and it is in MS where temps routinely stay in the 90s outside for months at a time. It will not be subjected to any other weather conditions

    Can I do this or will this fry the unit?

  • Hi @imamacnewbie - you can find the datasheet for the HD on the Support site:

    It states an Operating Temperature of 14 to 131° F (-10 to 55° C)

  • Thanks. I'd have never found it

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