Dropped wired connection with Amplify HD

  • I have several devices connected with my Amplify HD with a UTP cable.
    The wired connection drops very often and the devices lose connection.
    Wireless connection stays OK.
    What could be the problem?
    I have not altered anything with the connection or cables?

  • @Ivo-Dijkgraaf First thing I would tell you is to change the UTP cable to a Shielded cable.

    Also, the product name is Amplifi not Amplify.

  • @Ivo-Dijkgraaf You need at least a Category 5e ethernet cable, with Cat 6 being a better choice. It's unclear if you have only one or more than one wired device connected to your HD. If only one try replacing the cable. If that doesn't solve it, try using a different ethernet port on the HD.

    Also does the ethernet cable(s) run past electrical devices or under carpet?

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