Alien mesh throwing all wireless connections to main router after a single night. Is this a hardware issue?

  • Hey,

    I recently purchased two alien mesh routers and set them up last night - ethernet backhaul, everything seemed distributed correctly that night, everything on the first two floors connected to the first node while the second two floors connected to the 3rd floor node until the next morning when everything except for the LAN ports on the 3rd floor mesh point had moved everything over to the first floor alien mesh router that connects to my ISP. How can I have these redistribute without creating another SSID on the bedroom node, which does work for the 5G AC option and provides much faster speeds, some Wifi 6 and 5 devices are barely connected to the first floor router. I've rebooted and everything still moves to the first alien unless I've created an additional 5G SSID on the 3rd floor mesh node. I've made sure all steering is turned off. shrug?

    Also, trying to create extra SSIDs for 2.4Ghz/5Ghz Wifi 6 on the problem node doesn't show up, only the 5G AC extra SSID works. Is this a hardware problem after one night? I can enable the Wifi 6 extra channels on the node having issues today but they don't show up. Only the extra 5Ghz channel works today if enabled.

  • Do you have the option to have devices prefer the main access point router enabled? This will cause devices to move to the main router over time, even if the signal strength is weaker because it could be a faster connection. You can disable this option and then reboot the alien's and your devices should, in theory, stay connected to the point you expect.

  • @cmdshft Nope, router steering was off. Had to factory reset and they’ve been okay ever since.

    Reboots did nothing.

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