So difficult to find a local site/store

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    Hello Amplifi users,
    it is my intention to buy the Amplifi Alien router and mesh (duo) version. However it is really hard to find an entrance in the Netherlands where to buy this combination. Most preferable I would buy it in a shop instead of a online shop. Reason, when a courier, is my experience is delivering packages, they don't care what's in it, they don't treat it carefully and for that reason the order you placed could be severely damaged. Can anyone advice me, or tell me there experience, ordering their Amplifi Alien Router and Mesh (duo) online (Netherlands). They are hard to find and get, btw. 😱
    Can somebody give me advise where and how to buy it in the Netherlands, with a preference for a store instead of online.
    wpa3 is still not available in new firmware???
    Thanks for reading and maybe answering 2 😉

  • @1961Theo hi,
    I am also from the Netherlands and have 3 Alien EU units (all router, no duo package, using 2 as RaMP). Ordered online and not have issues with damaged goods. For as I know they will be come by UPS, which in my mind is very reliable instead the others...
    Buying in physical stores I don't have any address where they will be sold.

    WPA 3 is still not supported, but maybe in the future with firmware updates.

  • Hello Auke,
    Thank you for reacting on my question. Did you directly order your Amplifi Alien at Ubiquiti itself? And the VAT is only once, and I don't have to pay twice on the doorstep because of the price label . What is till so far your experience with this product. Did you bumped into any problems that I should know of, so that I can anticipate? The Amplifi Alien is from 2020, so you should think, software speaking it should be in balance right now? It's my intention to plug in 2 Synology NAS and the modem and wireless the usual Apple stuff, MacBook Pro, iPad, iPhone and other domestic stuff . Is the compatibility with this brands ok? These are all things to consider before buy, so reactions like yours and others are highly appreciated. When I order directly on the site of how long does it take before delivery take place? I do hope that the software/firmware is keeping pace with each other, so that there is no interference with any of the other devices. Overall question is are you (others ass wel) satisfied about this product? That is a very important conclusion at for hand, so that I can finally go ahead.
    Thank you for so far,
    Have a nice day,
    Long story, many questions, that's me, (sorry)
    Any reactions from other community members are more then welcome

  • @Auke-Wesselink

    Hello Auke,
    back again, I saw that you purchased 3 Alien units and no duo package. You must have done this with a reason. did you make them master/slave/slave? Is it ease to make this configuration step by step. I m not going to hyperventilate or my blood pressure is going rising to a danger zone?
    This configuration is it just as good or do you find it even more preferable above the official package that is being sold? I am so afraid that I have to make all sorts of alterations in the software of other hardware like for instance my Synology NAS etc. The firewall is also very important to me.
    again some questions🎓
    Grtz Theo

  • Hello Theo,
    First .. ordered in the official store - delivery was within a week posted from Chech republic. So no additional costs, only the VAT in the store. Offcourse in the EU store:
    I buyed 3 separate Aliens because the kit wasn't available at time I bought. Therefore I paid a little extra to be extra flexible (mesh kits are hardware paired!). Setup was easy as told in the (online) manual.. just put on an add to you network as meshpoint. You can find all this in the help section.
    Also.. I do have some issues and problems.. But that's me, I do have support working with me in this (support tickets) and am also testing some Beta/RC firmware's. So.. issues will happen. They (Ubiquity) is continue in development to bring new features.. so everything with software is in continu development.
    I personally don't have Apple devices, so for that you have to rely on other community members over here.. I do know there are a lot with Apple devices 😉.
    But.. overall I do think this is still the best prosumer wifi6 mesh system you can buy. Every system will have it's own issues.. I heard them also from Asus/TPlink/Netgear that those aren't that perfect also.

    Hope you have some answers.. I will be quit now to give my fellow community members to respond also.

  • @Auke-Wesselink

    Auke, thank you for your swift answers. Initially it wanders me why you bought 3 Aliens, not anymore?
    The synergy between Ubiquity and Synology and Apple, well that I will find out later.
    I think I stick to the official duo packet, also for future firmware.
    I hope that the future fiber doesn’t influence the functioning of this router, maybe it’s ready for the glasfiber. I need to rtfm😉.
    Again many thanks, and maybe we speak each other in future teatime in this community l.
    Goed om mijn Engels een beetje bij te houden.

    Enjoy your evening

  • @Auke-Wesselink

    Hello Auke, I did it. The Amplifi Aliën router and Mesh is paid and now its countdown. Waiting is not my best quality. I just wanted to inform you about my "project" I'm now looking for an extended manual preferabley in Dutch.

  • ...3 Alien units and no duo package...

    Hi @1961Theo - the general consensus of the community is to recommend purchasing individual standalone units versus mesh kits, the reason being that the mesh point included in the kit is hard coded to the kit's router and cannot be separated

    So if the kit router fails for any reason the mesh point is unusable and cannot be installed with any other router

    Also, when you have 2 standalone routers forming your mesh, if the main router fails you can quickly factory reset the second unit and install it as the main router, so you have internet access again with little hassle

    There is nothing wrong with saving €59 as long as you know the potential consequences

    It is very very easy to install a standalone router as a mesh point, so the benefit of the hard coded mesh point is negligible, and on the contrary, the hard coded mesh point can also be a hassle in that if you ever have to factory reset the mesh point, then you must also reset the router at the same time for them to reestablish their connection, which can be annoying

    There is also the slight possibility that AmpliFi releases a newer compatible Alien model sometime in the future
    If you have a mesh kit, the router from the kit must be the primary router of the mesh installation
    So you can't purchase a new Alien router and install the mesh kit to it

    For example, say you initially purchased an Instant Mesh System, but then someday wanted to install a faster HD as your primary router
    It isn't possible to install the Instant kit as part of the HD mesh
    But if you initially had 2 standalone Instant routers forming your mesh, you could factory reset them and install them as mesh points to a new HD router

    So for the extra €59 you get a second LCD screen, 4 extra remote Ethernet ports (which can be valuable if you utilize Ethernet backhaul), potential flexibility and some backup insurance

  • @Derek-Saville
    Hello Derek, thank you for your extended explanation/view ☺ ☺ 🙂 about what choices you can make in configuration. The fact is that I couldn't wait (inpatient ) and already placed the order in the original "old school" version. I question myself is it really that once the is a new router is coming that its really compatible with the former/curent standalone router. Maybe the innovations of the new born are so good that i have enough on this one router, should I decide to buy a new one again .
    Right now im using a Netgear Nighthawk RAX 80, in itself very good, but im a real gadget man, and my current router is acting a bit strange, so all the more reason to change🙂 🙂
    I think that I stay away from participating with beta and first learn to know the basics and see how it works. RTFM Manuals (more extend version) are hard to find. My English grammar is typical Dutch/English or vice versa. But I think I can make myself clear. When it comes to the technical part, it becomes more difficult along with the many abbrevtiations. They puzzle me sometimes.
    Today I received a confirmation from company in Czech Republic that the parcel is signed in by UPS.
    All I have to do is follow the track and trace.

    with regards

  • Hi @1961Theo - I must have been typing up my response when you sent the update about the purchase as I did not see see it prior

    If you need any help with setting up your Alien the members here are pretty knowledgeable and helpful

  • @Derek-Saville
    Hello Derek,
    The AmpliFi Aliën arrived today 13.7, very quick I must say. Somehow installing didn't seem so easy as predicted and thought as seen on YouTube. I, m not a newbie nor a nerd, I guess an in between.
    It took me more than the 1 minute and my hart rate went up to high levels
    But that is forgotten once most things are installed and solved.
    There is only one problem left that I cant solve. I have to Synology NAS installed, but I cant acces them anymore via my iPhone, or Ipad, or MacBook Pro. My former router was programmed to get acces via QuickConnect. It is a bypass to get direct acces to my NAS via iPhone etc. It always worked perfect to get acces, download and upload to and from my Synology NAS.
    So that is my first problem/question/request☺
    Then a few minor things: It is wise to leave the UPNP disabled? The 2,4 is standard on 20 Mhz, shall I leave it as it is or set in on 20/40? Do I need to do something about the firewall or is it sufficient enough?
    And I would like to know what more to do in finetuning the Amplifi Aliën?
    Difficult and delicate question that keeps everybody busy from a long time: 160 Mhz and WPS3, still under construction?
    Derek thank you for reading looking forward to your reaction or anyone else who might know the answer to one of my questions. If my grammar is somewhat 🙅 , then I'm sorry its not my daily routine.
    with regards

  • Hi @1961Theo - I suggest you open a new topic thread on the Synology QuickConnect issue as people with relevant experience may not see your questions here

    You can also use the search function for the keyword "Synology" and see if there is an existing thread you can latch onto

    The pros and cons of UPnP have been debated
    I personally leave it disabled, then if something doesn't work I enable it to see if that fixes the issue, then try to find out how to manually set up the port forwarding configuration so I can disable it again

    Whether or not the firewall is sufficient or not depends on you preference
    In my opinion it is 'good enough' for general consumer use, but some people have expressed concerns because of the way AmpliFi has implemented their management features and cloud service
    If you want complete control of your firewall then AmpliFi is not for you as a router, and some use it in bridge mode for WiFi behind a more security focused gateway

    Regarding fine tuning, I believe @unseenone has posted a lot of comments on this topic

    160MHz + DFS channels are currently being tested in Beta
    AmpliFi have stated they are working on WPA3, but that may take a little longer
    You can enable the Beta options without actually installing beta firmware if you want to follow the progress there

  • @Derek-Saville
    Hello Derek, first of all thank you for your view/ explanation about questions that came up to me.
    Some of them, like upnp, I disabled it at once. I had great help from Auke, I think he is well known in this community.
    QuickConnect from Synology is fully functioning. So that’s fine. The interface of the Alien isn’t always steady when you type it in your browser? I work with Safari ( Apple). What concerns me was your point about the firewall. There is very little you can do, to my humble knowledge to adjust it. Maybe I’m wrong. I hope so.
    Forwarding is still puzzling me, I don’t know so much about this mater.
    I’ve been busy with setting it up. The 2 synology NAS ( both with a firewall) are accessible via WiFi and g4 (quick connect).And acces is granted by f2s by iPhone or iPad

    I wonder if sharing files is safer with quickconnect or port forwarding.

    Just some thoughts I want to share.

    Kind regards

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