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    @UI-AmpliFi , when I was in CA last week, my version of AmpliFi Testflight expired so I installed the regular app from the Apple app store. I'm back home now, and I just installed the latest beta (3.6.0rc3) of the AmpliFi Alien firmware and realized I couldn't set the 5GHz bandwidth to 160MHz in the released version of the the app because that's not a released feature yet.

    I tried to get the beta version of the AmpliFi app (via Testflight) again, but it seems like all the links I can find say that the beta is not accepting any more testers at this time.

    How can I get back on a version of the AmpliFi application that supports the features in 3.6.0rc3? Can you send me a link?



  • @gburlingame You can only set the 160MHZ using the web portal. The Testflight app is still currently expired.

  • @thel0vebel0w Thanks for the tip. I did set it via the web portal.

    I don’t think they should let the app expire like this, that’s a bad customer experience.

  • @gburlingame I believe it's happened before as some testflight beta apps tend to do. The version on the app store currently is the same build if i'm not mistaken.

  • Thank you for reporting this. We are working on next iOS and Android app release and since they have a significant changes it is taking longer than expected.
    DFS channels are still available in the WEB interface.

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