Request help connecting new Amplifi HD to Macintosh Network

  • My Apple Airport Extreme wireless router died and I have replaced it with an Amplifi HD wireless router. As the 40+ devices in my house are all set up on the default Apple network (10.0.1.x), I wish to configure the Amplifi HD to connect to this network with the IP of I am unable to get this to work and the Amplifi front screen panel continues to say it is To confuse me even further, it is handing out IP addresses in the 192.168.110.x range.

    I've change multiple setting in the Amplifi app on my iPhone. I've tried to use a web brower to log into; it won't connect.

    Please offer advice on how to change the Amplifi to connect to my 10.0.1.x network.

  • @Ladd OK, let's start with a few things. First, the is the external address. You did not mention what the HD is connected to. Given that IP it's likely a Comcast modem.

    You need to use the Amplifi app. Open it, then tap the icon for the HD, scroll down to DHCP server, then tap the current range (first item, the blue numbers on the right). Select the 10.0 range (likely the first choice), and that should get you started. All this and more is in the fine manual. and check out Chapter 6.

  • @Matthew-Leeds Thank you for that detailed explanation. I look forward to investigating that starting tomorrow morning. And yes, my ISP is Comcast and I'm setting the Amplifi up a new personally-owned Motorola MB8600.

  • @Matthew-Leeds
    Your guidance worked well; I was up in running in about 15 minutes. Sure beats the 4-5 hours I worked on this yesterday! I would swear on a stack of (insert revered religious text here) that I had explored every nook and cranny of the Amplifi app on my iPhone, but I somehow continuously missed scrolling down on the page that contained the DHCP range selection.


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