WiFi-6 signals very weak?

  • I recently got a single Alien to serve as my household router. The first day, it worked great--setup was quick and easy. The next day, none of my devices (PCs, smartphone, etc) could access my wifi network. Fortunately, I'd enabled remote administration, so I was able to get to the configuration via the app. I was able to toggle on the "Additional 5GHz radio" and the devices were able to see and connect to that SSID, although I wasn't getting the WiFi-6 indicator on my devices.

    Later, I did a factory reset, was able to connect and setup the router like before. However, my devices remained unable to see the router...except when I placed my phone directly on top of the router. The WiFi-6 network was visible! But if I move the phone a few inches away...it drops.

    When I utilized the "Router Additional SSID" toggles, giving each radio it's own SSID, I was only able to see the non-WiFi-6 5GHz signal at any distance from router.

    Any thoughts?

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