AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.0

  • AmpliFi Alien firmware version 3.6.0 has been released.
    Release notes:

    • Fixed FragAttacks vulnerabilities
    • Enabled DFS Wi-Fi channels and 160 MHz bandwidth *
    • Enhanced stability
    • Other improvements and fixes

    * Initially available in web portal settings

    Enable DFS to get access to additional and less crowded Wi-Fi channels. Note that some Wi-Fi clients can not use DFS Wi-Fi channels.

    Enable 160 MHz bandwidth on the 5 GHz band to get the maximum performance for your Wi-Fi devices that support it. Note that only a few devices support the 160 MHz Wi-Fi bandwidth. If 160 MHz is not supported by the device then it will operate in 80 MHz. Also note that larger bandwidth may reduce Wi-Fi coverage area and increase sensitivity to the interference.

    The use of DFS frequencies in Wi-Fi routers is limited because overlap with the airport, weather, and other radars in different industries. To use DFS channels, the AmpliFi must continuously scan for a nearby radar signal and free the channel if necessary.

    When the DFS channel is selected, SSID usually is started after a minute if radar signals are not detected. In European countries, it may take 10 minutes for SSID to start if channels 120-128 are used.

    If radar is detected on the user selected Wi-Fi channel then LCD will show a notification. And as a result, will change the channel and/or bandwidth to a different value. The previously used frequency range will be marked unavailable for the next 30 minutes.

    Note. Laptops with AX200 wireless cards running Windows 10 may require a driver update directly from the Intel website to be able to operate in 160 MHz bandwidth. Currently DFS and 160 MHz can be enabled in web portal (http://amplifi.lan), but app support will follow soon.

    AmpliFi Alien Firmware Release Notes

  • @dexx64 @UI-AmpliFi I feel the same.. I have just running 18 hours with RC5 and 3.6.0 is already public. Not even everyone has the time to install the RC5 yet.. And are all the fixes from RC5 present in public?

  • @Auke-Wesselink @UI-AmpliFi i'll give it a try anyway.. if that macbook stil has trouble with the wifi/DNS i'm changing to a better and bigger model... 😉

    • Enabled DFS Wi-Fi channels and 160 MHz bandwidth *

    Hi @UI-AmpliFi - FCC approved for the US model?

  • Considerable drop in wifi speed

    Went back to previous firmware no issue

    On 3.6.0,

    Im getting this error

    No issues with previous firmware

  • @Auke-Wesselink This is basically the public release of RC5.

  • @Racerprose this one seems to be one build newer than the last rc

  • Updated after all.. Had none extreme issues with RC3 or RC5 (in the short lifetime).. We'll see 🙂

  • Update went smooth here; I find the RC5 to have been decent; with slightly lower overall speed. The testing begins.

  • Went back to 3.6.0 and same issue again

    Wifi speed wont go over 450mbps

    And app is reporting “speed is limited by device or distance to router” after every test on all my apple devices.

    Signal strength remains at 100%

    I go back to 3.5.2 and the issue goes away and speed is back up to 750mbps

  • @Gary-Sing what does the bitrate show in device list under Rx & Tx? I’ve just just hit 937 Mbps with an iPhone 11 Pro. Mine was connect at 1.20Gbps.

  • @Reados 1.2 as well

  • @Gary-Sing worth trying a factory reset?

  • @Gary-Sing I observe the same behaviour at my place. RC5 was better in speed that the final release…

  • It seems as of 3.6.0, Amplifi has changed how the LCD brightness slider works. It looks they reduced the brightness throughout the slider, so now to get 30% brightness, I had to increase it to 50%.

  • @UI-AmpliFi Please, make the official build on RC5… the final version of 3.6.0 is bad… really bad. 2.4ghx devices are flapping and disconnects and the Speed on wifi 6 is under par (arround 500mbps where we should reach almost 1 Gig) thanks!

  • @Racerprose Nope! It’s a unstable version, the worse I’ve seen so far… sorry

  • @René-Guitar @UI-AmpliFi Please advise on how a public release is performing worse than what was in beta?
    This type of firmware release in my opinion is not fair to both public users and beta testers. The average user would not know how to rollback and on top of this, beta testers have always provided excellent feedback each beta release. It amazes me that we still see worse performance with public releases this far into the lifecycle of the Alien Router.

    Personal advice to public users: please read all comments from those who were involved in the beta testing of this firmware before updating. This confirmation will help with the trouble of updating just to rollback to the previous firmware once again!

  • After installing the v3.6.0 build for more than 14 hours, the issues occurred before seem to be fixed such as the band steering, frequent Wi-Fi disconnection, DFS channel failed to activate, etc.

    It is worth updating in my opinion. Happy use right now.


    For those of you who use the devices don't support the Wi-Fi 6 and want to connect to 5Ghz with 160Hz bandwidth, you would need to turn on the "Additional 5Ghz radio" option and set the SSID name as same as your main SSID in order to let the device connect to the best channel automatically.

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