AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.0

  • @Racerprose Thanks. I actually originally had that setting off, but toggling it on and then off again enabled me to get Wifi calling when the phone is put into airplane mode. Cell signal is strong enough where I am that Wifi calling does not stay engaged when the phone is put back into normal mode, and that seems to represent a change from behavior under older Alien firmware, but at least I know Wifi calling works in theory. Appreciated.

  • For DFS behavior - if you set your channel to 100 (not auto) for Wifi 6, and radar is detected, does Alien scan and then try another DFS channel, or will it revert back to UNII-3? If so, will it try to go back to 100 after x time?
    Same question, really for leaving it on Auto.

    The way I understand it, there isn't a strong reason to enable the Wifi 5 radio (I am on One-SSID for all, and I have a great number of Wifi 6 devices - I really want only the Wifi 6 Radio up) - however it looks like the Wifi 6 radio remains limited to the upper channels only (UNII-3 or, with DFS, UNII-2c). Still no way to select (auto or 'hard') lower channels, like 40, for the Wifi 6 radio? Why? I.e. why limit the Wifi 5 radio to lower bands, and the Wifi 6 radio to upper only?

  • @Daniel-Osers The main difference between the Wifi 5 and Wifi 6 options is, the Wifi 5 one is for low channel 5ghz, and the Wifi 6 is for high band channels. Also, if you were to mesh with a second Alien, you would want the Wifi 6 one to be the one in which both connect to each other for backhaul. And then what some do is have the Wifi 5 one be for devices since most devices are still not Wifi 6 supported.

  • Still no way to select...lower channels, like 40, for the Wifi 6 radio? Why? I.e. why limit the Wifi 5 radio to lower bands, and the Wifi 6 radio to upper only?

    Hi @Daniel-Osers - there is still the possibility that this is hardware related

    The US Alien has as 12 polarity antenna and 12 ports with 4 connections from the 2.5 GHz radio, 4 connections from the 5GHz WiFi-6 radio, and 4 connections from the removable 5GHz WiFi-5 radio

    The European model Alien removed the additional 5GHz WiFi radio and its 4 antenna connections, but still claims to use a 12 polarity antenna

    Nobody has opened up a European model Alien to see how they did this, and if there were any physical hardware changes to the antenna and/or the 5GHz WiFI-6 radio front end in order to implement the "Full Band 5GHz" WiFi-6 feature

  • @Racerprose
    Thanks for the reply - but i don’t think that’s correct. There are a number of differences and I want to take advantage of them so wanting my devices to take advantage of just WiFi 6 is reasonable. I usually have my wifi 5 radio off and none of my devices have issues with that.
    There is no reason why the wifi 6 radio shouldn’t be a me to do upper OR lower channels. They are all part of the same spectrum and this is common with every other router.
    I have 3 aliens and use exclusively wired Backhaul, so the wifi is for clients only …

  • @Derek-Saville thank you - and that makes sense. Interesting…..!
    In fact that makes me wonder if the EU may actually be ‘better’ for some use cases specifically if they translates to 8x8 on the 5Ghz (Wifi6) while we only have 4x4 here. And if I switch off the wifi 5 radio, literally lose 4 streams…

  • @Daniel-Osers That's fine. It doesn't change the fact you are not allowed to pick low band channels on Wifi 6 antenna. That is just the way it is here.

  • Hi @Daniel-Osers - the US model has a dual chip 802.11ax radio, so it is 8x8 MIMO capable over the 4 antenna ports to the 12 polarity antenna, so very unusual configuration

    Can the US model Alien do simultaneous 802.11ax 8x8 + 802.11ac 4x4?
    I don't think we will ever know...

    You just have to configure the US Alien differently in order to take advantage of it's capabilities, but the aggregate potential is about the same
    In your use case, the EN model is more ideal
    For my usage, the US model is a much better fit

  • Upgraded mine from 3.5.2 to 3.6.0, now none of my Amazon devices (FireTv's (3) and Echo's (3) ) will connect to either my 5GHZ Wifi 5 or 5GHZ Wifi 6 channel. I have my Alien configured as follows:
    Using seperate SSID's for all 3 bands, both Band Steering and router steering disable, 802.11 r, k, &v all disabled, DFS channels enabled and 5GHZ Wifi 6 set for 160 MHz. The Echo's will see the 2 5 GHZ channels, but every time I connect to the 5GHZ wifi 5 channel they seem to go fine then reboot and require setup all over again. The FireTV's don't see either 5GHZ channel. Since none support wifi 6 I haven't tried connecting the echo's to it yet.

  • @Racerprose umm. Ok. That was the reason for my question. Why. There is no obvious reason why Ubiquity would restrict that. It has nothing to do with Wifi 6 spec

  • @Derek-Saville cheers and i hear you. Again am very interesting 🙂

  • Have been running a standalone Alien stable on 3.6.0 for a week. ~20 devices without issue as long as I keep DFS-off. DFS-on does great until it picks up on one of the NEXRAD/TDWR radars down the street and drops connections for a minute or so while everything switches over.

  • @Daniel-Osers

    1. If radar is detected, the Alien will search for the other available channel automatically by default; however, there will be cases that the channel selected afterwards is not supported for 160Mhz bandwidth. You will need to check and try another one manually at the Web console.

    2. Currently the design for the bandwidth selection is also automatic based on your devices' availability. If your device does not support 160Mhz, then it will switch to 80Mhz and so on.

  • @Stephen-O-Connell Today, I have numerous echo dots and shows connected to 5 Ghz WiFi 6 SSID and they perform fine when running DFS (Channel 100) on 80 Mhz. I had to manually connect to this radio SSID otherwise they would default to 2.4 Ghz.

    My experience is the Amazon devices don't work (or work properly) on DFS at 160 Mhz frequency. When I previously ran the 160 Mhz on WiFi 6, I needed to run the amazon devices on the additional WiFi 5 SSID at 80 Mhz.

  • @jbenja6460 Thanks, a little google searching and I was able to correct the Fire TV connections by manually setting my 5GHZ wifi5 to channels 36 - 48, apparently that is what those devices require. Still having some flaky connection issues with the echo devices, but I'm working through it.

  • Have been running 3.6.0 a few days now, and it's generally stable for me (few smaller issues). Have DFS enabled, but 80Mhz.
    I have one issue - I have 3 Aliens in mesh, wired backhaul 100% - I had in a previous beta: my download speeds are great and consistent - some 860Mb real world (I have 1Gbit fiber up/down), but upload is a mere 220 on average - and that's to the, and between mesh. The upload from the fiber gateway (and tested on the main router alined) is 968Mbit - so why is wifi upload to slow (and starts out even slower), while download is great? 😞
    Consistent through my devices btw.

  • After enabling the "DFS channels" option in the web page, which is explained as "Additional 5 GHz Wifi channels and 160 MHz bandwidth", the iPhone app doesn't offer to increase the bandwidth to 160 MHz for the 5 Ghz Wifi channels. One can only select between 20 or 40 or 80 MHz. With channel 104 apparently a DFS channel is selected by the auto functionality, and there was a corresponding message in the web page. I have 5 European Aliens in bridge mode, connected via ethernet backbone. Where can I find the 160 Mhz option, or is the lack of 160 MHz a bug?

  • @Otto-Wilhelm DFS and 160MHz settings cannot be changed in the iOS mobile app. You have to do all of that through the web portal. The release notes state this and apparently the mobile apps will get that functionality at a later date.

  • @bshaheen Thank you for your answer. However, have enabled the DFS and 160MHz option in the web page but have only 80 MHz channel width. This is what I see in a Wifi checking program (Wifi Explorer on Mac). In the iOS mobile app, one can only select between 20 or 40 or 80 MHz. In the web page there is no option to select the channel width for the case that the DFS and 160MHz option (one common option!) is enabled. So where do I select 160 Mhz channel width in case that the DFS and 160MHz option is enabled?

  • Hi @Otto-Wilhelm - for now everything needs to be configured within the web UI
    There are only three 160MHz channels within the 5GHz range - channels 50, 114 and 163...–5.0_GHz_(802.11j)_WLAN

    Channel 163 is not available in Europe
    There are additional requirements on channel 114 that may or may not be implemented yet within Alien

    If you can change your region to the USA or another country in the wireless settings for testing purposes it might help to confirm that everything is there, but either not implemented yet or as you said, it may be a bug

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