AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.0

  • @Otto-Wilhelm The channel width in the web UI is a drop down menu. Try to change it to 160MHz.

  • @Marco-Lücke Ok, thank you very much, I overlooked that these items in the web UI are drop down menues.

  • Smoothly running 3.6.0 stable over 9 days with no issues on 45-50 devices. Speeds, range and connectivity are solid.

    DFS at 160Mhz is delivering on link speeds for those devices that benefit. I'm running DFS, but all 5 Ghz are set to 80 Mhz since most of my devices don't benefit and I like the extra signal range.

    I've set-up so I have dedicated 5 Ghz WiFi 6 (and 5) SSID's for stationery devices so connect seamlessly, (no bounce with 2.4 Ghz). Older devices connect to 2.4Ghz without impact to performance, "tested by turning off all 2.4 Ghz devices"

    One new learning for me is you can't select the channels on your mesh units. I used a WiFi analyzer to confirm I had no interference from neighbors or internally. What was a surprise was the mesh unit was running the same 2.4Ghz channel as the router which overlapped with a large portion of the house. I manually changed the router so I have discrete channels for all aliens. This increased signal strength and eliminated bouncing of devices in the overlap area.

    Band and router steering is off.

    Not sure why, but the Alien mesh unit is only running DFS on the additional 5 Ghz WiFi 5 radio and NOT on the WiFi 6 radio.

    Alien Router Channels = 11, DFS 100 (WiFi 6), and Auto 36 (WiFi 5 radio).
    Alien Mesh Channels (no option to change) = 1, 153 (WiFi 6) and DFS Channel 52 (WiFi 5)

  • weird... the Wifi speed like 100 a 200 mbit slower on my Alien on Wifi 6, it is even slower on Wifi 5, i'm Using PPPoE VLAN on a 500mbit fiber connection, the speed is great on LAN 🙂 i used to get these speeds on Wifi too with older firmwares so what could be the problem?

  • @dexx64 At what actual speed? At what connection / link speed? I found that after some time, speeds pick up. Granted, the are not the gig speeds I have seen in the past, topping at 925.89Mbps, but they are tolerable at 779-850Mbps (mostly 779). I'm not quite sure why, but I imagine they are polishing it.

  • @unseenone i have a 500 down and up fiber connection, i've connected the alien straight to the fiber to LAN converter box, getting the promised speed on LAN now.. it was ok on older firmwares (3.5.2 for example) but now the speed is dropping by 100 or 200mbit 🙂 that's just weird.

  • @dexx64 interesting. I will do a couple LAN port tests and see. But after rereading your post, the dreaded PPoE is mentioned. I know that is a significant problem for network speeds. One that UI for example in their UDM and UDMP have not been able to resolve, with speeds about half or less of the link speeds. I think it is a combination of hardware and software, old technology. Maybe research that a little.

    I believe my xbox is testing out around 796, but I am bypassing the Alien for that at the moment, but it will deliver that, last time I tested. The actual speed tests on the unit are coming back at 800-900 which is what i expect with existing traffic overhead.

    Don't forget your speed will be reduced by other network traffic as well, internally or externally. So for example, if you run a test, with one or more 4k streams running, that speed will come off the top.

  • @unseenone i'm doing the tests when nothing else is running.. no 4K streams... just a LAN and later the Wifi test, speed is different, i used to have 500 mbit down on wifi 5 too, something is wrong in the wifi throughput of the Alien.. it's not like it was before 😉 but that doesn't mean the Alien is a bad unit 😛 it is a great unit!!!

  • @dexx64 Can you do LAN to LAN tests with WiFiMan?

  • @unseenone did the test.. it's as slow as my internet wifi speed... like 350mbit down.. upload speed isn't important because that is even slower than my ISP upstream 😛 getting speeds between 60 and 200mbit up on the (W)LAN to (W)LAN test while my internet speedtest goes up to 600mbit 😉

  • Interesting. I haven't gotten a change, but I will do the test this weekend.

  • @dexx64 you may have mentioned before but what are you using to test your speeds?

    I’ve noticed big differences depending on how I test. Don’t use the web interface for, you won’t see the best throughput. My 2017 Wi-Fi 5 iMac is hitting into the 900’s Mbps on the the latest firmware using iperf3 to test internal network speeds only. If I try and use Speedtest however, it’s showing my 1gb fibre is only hitting 600’s. Using the app on MacOS it reaches into the 800’s. Using Ethernet it’ll show into the 900’s ~940 from my Apple TV.

  • @saynt ok, i tried iperf and the speed is like 700mbit up and down on 5 streams on local LAN, on internet iperf tests the upload speed is between 500 and 600... download is between 300 and 400... on LAN to internet it is still 500mbit, that's the speed i pay for 🙂

  • I just had my very first spontaneous reboot of the router... Hope it is a flaw and it won't happen again....

  • I am having trouble understanding how DFS/160Mhz works. When activated and leaving it in the Auto Channel Mode my iPhone suddenly goes down in Speedtests from 600-700MBit/s to 300-350Mbit/s.

    Turning off DFS instantly gets me back those speeds. What am i overlooking here ? Shouldn't this feature automatically determine when and how to use 160Mhz to add speed not make 80Hz Bands slower ?

    Tested with a new Alien Unit on Version 3.6.0 with an iPhone 12 Pro Max.

  • @unseenone i don't even have that WiFi 5 configuration option there


  • Hi @bhaendel - do you have a North American model Alien with the Additional 5 GHz Radio option enabled?

  • @bhaendel What country are you in? What are you app settings looking like?

  • @unseenone @Derek-Saville I am located in the EU (Switzerland).
    I turned off DFS for now, so thats why in one of the screenshots it only shows 80Mhz.

    2_1627946131649_IMG_1767.jpg 1_1627946131649_IMG_1766.jpg 0_1627946131647_IMG_1765.jpg

  • Hi @bhaendel - DFS channels and 160MHz widths are only available in the web UI for now
    The app will be updated later

    If you enable the DFS + 160MHz channel option, the selection in the web UI is drop down menu

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