AmpliFi Alien Firmware v3.6.0

  • @dexx64 I do hope this gets fixed. I really like the Amplifi, I have two of them and never had one issue, until now. Maybe a bit more testing before a stable release next time.

  • @Derek-Saville
    Hey thanks for the reply! I agree with you. Hope to see some certification reports soon with all of the nerd details for us to glance over!

    I agree with you in regards to the expedited roll-out however. That sounds like a very likely possibility.

    Take care!

  • All right.. after a few days uptime the iOS bad password prompts are back. Annoying. So after holiday I guess I have to switch to separate ssid's after all. When is this ever being fixed though.

  • @Auke-Wesselink Have you tried turning private MAC off on your devices (for your network only). That seems to be the culprit for me

  • @Daniel-Osers hi, thanks for the suggestion. But already switched off.

  • I randomly couldn’t connect to my network after having 3.6.0 installed since release. The issue was only on my iPhone 12 Pro Max….2018 iPad Pro and MacBook had no issues.

    Finally “fixed” it by forgetting the network and joining again. I already had privacy off for the network. Hope that helps.

  • Before I go down the support ticket path, is anyone else having issues with Fast Ethernet (100Mbps) links on the Alien wired ports (specifically a mesh AP with wireless backhaul, if that matters)? I have a 10/100Mbps printer that was just fine under 3.4.3, but with every update since then, my printer (Canon D480) works for a while after power-on but eventually goes unreachable. I haven't tried disabling the D480 energy saver yet to see if there's any change in behavior, but that wouldn't be the way I want to go, just as I really don't want to be stuck on 3.4.3 just for this issue (i.e., I'm more willing to instead power the D480 off when I'm not using it).

  • i did a cold reboot (unplug from power and leave it for 10 minutes) and reconnected the alien again to see if it solves my slow wifi speed and... ehm, yeah.. it works, it is almost back to normal so there is a cache/buffer bug in 3.6.0 🤔 support file sent!! 😉

  • @pawpuh My 100 Mbps link speed connectors have been fine. One for an RPi and one for a Brother printer.

  • 30 days of running 3.6.0 with mesh wired backhaul. No major issues or disconnects ... a little annoying sticking to 2.4 Ghz on iOS devices, that resolves on own or if you move between mesh and router.

    Running DFS, (and likely don't need it based on WiFi analyzer), enabled the separate WiFi 6 radios for stationery/IoT devices and WiFi 5 additional radio for a couple finicky devices that don't like DFS.
    Manually set to DFS channel 100 at 80 Mhz with no radar interruptions that I've observed, (can't see the logs, as they are encrypted by AmpliFi).

    No reboots in 30 days, but noticed my speed actually restored to normal. I believe this is because I ran Cat 6 ethernet into several new switches from alien and wired into multiple rooms/garage which removed all the critical big users of bandwidth off Wifi. My iPhone XS speeds are 500 up and 600 down. Still better than my wife's 2020 iPhone with WiFi 6.

    When unit(s) were new running 3.4.3, the WiFi range was much greater, but admit the speeds are better now and more stable with current 3.6.0 firmware.

  • @habbasi Thanks for the feedback!

  • I have to admit - I am also very happy with 3.6.0.
    I am running 3 Alines, all wired backhaul, DFS enabled (works great), 80Mhz. No issues, no reboots, nice handover. Occasional wifi calling issues and upload speeds are a bit wonky but it's stable and I am happy to not have had a single DFS channel switch event the whole time. Makes me hope a future 3.6.1 doesn't make things 'worse' but maybe just adds WPA3 😉

  • Have any of you guys resolved the 1 HomePod mini disconnecting issue?

    I have put the mini in the drawer for now.

    I seem to be getting no where with support. Its an email back and forth every other day.

  • @Gary-Sing

    Hi Gary,

    I had the same issue with my homepod , it drop wifi connection randomly , a restart to the HomePod will fix it temporarily.

    I disabled IGMP proxy service for IPTV in web UI advance setting for a test and been working well with no wifi connection drops for more than a week now.

    Hope it work for you too ,

  • @Gary-Sing I have had the HomePod mini disconnect issue still and it keeps to happen every 13-16 days of uptime so its hard to troubleshoot. I also noticed my PS5 on rest mode had the same issue.

    Both devices used to display this disconnect issue on an older firmware but I forgot which one. There wasn't much support could gather from my support tickets but the issue was resolved in one firmware update but then came back in v3.6.0.

    @AbdullaMTR For me at least restarting the mini does not fix the issue. I have to restart the router.

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh if you experience problems, sent them a email 😉

  • @dexx64 Already submitted a new support ticket, waiting for a response.

  • @Dhananjay-Suresh same

    I have submitted the log file to support but its been a couple of days and nothing back from them

    On 3.5.2 i have a few days of usage before the homepod minis disconnect

    On 3.6.0 one mini disconnects first and then the other on a day to day basis. The only fix to this is to reboot the router

    Apart from this i have discovered another issue.

    So i wanted to see how long i could go without something crashing network wise

    I have QOS enabled on the web portal only because the network in australia has a very strong policier in place on the upload so i have it at 1000/49 and that works well to keep wired speeds at 940/47 without the qos i get only 940/30

    Anyways rebooted the router. Started listening to music on the 2 x homepods mini and on my wifi 6 ipad opened play station remote so i could remote play on the same network with my PS5

    30min later the homepods stop playing and the bitrate on the ipad starts to drop considerably before it drops out.

    This quad core router cannot handle this?

    So i go to router settings and the ipad has dropped from wifi 6 to 5

    No end but problems with this router

  • @Gary-Sing I do not have Qos enabled but on the note of gaming, I noticed that my PS5 lags in FPS games severely, randomly. I think it is because of all the traffic from my 8 HomePods. I have switched it to the additional band to see if it makes a difference.

  • @Gary-Sing hmmm, it's time to get a home pod mini too 🙂 this is a very interesting thing to test, also.. about the PS5 "lag" i what's the upload speed if you do a test? i'm getting like 20mbit up, it get's weird because have 500/500mbit fiber 🤔 the tech team is busy on fixing that problem... but the home pod mini connection issue is a strange one for sure.

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