Extending the AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System - I think this might work??

  • I have the AmpliFi Mesh Wi-Fi System (1 x AmpliFi HD Mesh Router base station and 2 x AmpliFi MeshPoint HD). The current set up is:

    MeshPoint HD ---------- Mesh Router ------------ MeshPoint HD

    This works well in the house but I want to extend the network to a garden office, however adding another AmpliFi MeshPoint HD is out of range of the base station so won't work. I'll be running a CAT6 cable to the garden office that will connect to the switch that the existing Mesh Router is also connected to and I'm therefore wondering if I can add another Mesh Router base station in the garden office with the same SSID as the current Mesh Router so the setup looks like this:

    MeshPoint HD ---------- Mesh Router ------------ MeshPoint HD ---------- Mesh Router

    Having read a few posts on here there is also mention of connecting the CAT6 cable to the existing Mesh Router in bridge mode but I'm not sure what this means. Would either of these solutions give me the Mesh coverage I'm looking for or it there another solution I could/should consider?


  • @Matthew-Leeds That's brilliant, thank you 🙂

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