Restrict Internet Usage on Time-Budgets (not time intervalls)

  • Hi Folks!
    I have read similar requests all over the internet, but not really specifically this ...
    What I am looking for is a way to assign time budget to devices or groups like "4 hours of internet per day". The existing possibility like "block between 7pm and 8am" does not help here.
    Does anyone know a way to achieve this? Or would the amplify team consider adding this to their backlog of new features? Would be great!
    I also work with pi-hole for blocking add, but I do not think (or haven't found a way) this would work. But if there are suggestions, I am open to this....
    To my background: I work in IT, but I am not a programmer, so please: simple configurations are fine, but no hacking. 🙂
    Thanks for suggestions, help and ideas, even supporting this feature request, as this might "move" the development team to implement a solution soon!

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