Speed keeps dropping and sometimes stops completely

  • Hi - I am generally happy with the system but I find that on a pretty regular basis I have to re-set the router as the connection has dropped to a really slow speed. Sometimes it seems to have lost the internet connection altogether. Does anyone else have this problem, or could you recommend how I can fix it?

  • @Simon-Teppett
    it happens, but not on all devices? 1 IPhone X keeps getting kicked off the www and is set on the T mobile G4. But apart from that my Synology NAS (one disc) suddenly gives an error, that it’s completely ruined. Now it’s running a S.M.A.R.T test and the garage door dito, all live has run out. I’m sure it’s got nothing to do with the Alien 😎 . But I need to get it off my chest ☹
    I’m sure this bug in the firmware will be solved, assuming it’s a bug
    Enjoy your weekend. I will try my best to enjoy 😤

  • @1961Theo when it happens it is usually on all devices. Mobiles, laptops, etc

  • @Simon-Teppett
    I have only one reaction: that really s…cks.
    But at the same time I find it strange because I use lots of Apple and so far it works fine. Off course with the latest updates from Apple.
    Sometimes I do the onorthodox way. Just pull out the plugs from all the connected hardware and put it back again after a few minutes. It sometimes works. Mind you: sometimes !!!!

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