Ability to turn on LCD screen by launching app

  • I'm in my office all day. The router is right next to me. I don't need to have the screen on all the time (though I do like the green LED), but I find it a bit annoying that if I turn the LCD off, I have to drill down into the app to turn it back on. Since there is a night mode built into the app controls that was made to conserve the LCD screen, I would love to see a variation like a "day mode / screen conservation" where you could tune your LCD and LED brightness, then have them turned off until you open the app to check on something. Like the iPhone and Watch "rise to wake"... open the app and the screen comes to life. Doesn't seem like that'd be too difficult to code, but then I'm not a coder.

  • open the app and the screen comes to life

    Hi @mcdannyj - Night Mode actually works this way, but unfortunately it turns off both the LCD and the LED (the feature request to split control of the LCD & LED will unlikely ever make the cut)

    I run Night Mode from 12:01 am to 11:59 pm so the unit is dark unless you open the app, touch the screen, an error that needs to be reported is detected, or it turns into a pumpkin at midnight...

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