No wireless when the internet is out

  • I've googled and can't find anything that's helpful in answering this question. Is there a way with the Amplifi HD (in bridge mode) to keep the wireless up if the internet is down? If this isn't a possibility, what product can do this?

  • @QuestionsBoyee I'll attempt a non-techie answer. First, why is the router in bridge mode? Second, if I'm guessing right, that means the ISP's router may be doing DHCP for the LAN, which would make it not capable of operating your local network. Otherwise, even without internet access you should be able to print, control your local iOT devices (except of course for services that require access to remote servers.

  • It's in bridge mode because I have a edge router lite for firewall needs on my network. I don't have a ISP router but my edge router lite controls DHCP for the network. I can confirm if the mesh wireless is down, iot is down as well. My wink hub is hardwired but any devices that uses wifi are down. wireless printing is down, chromecast audio devices down, all tv accessing local media library are down, Nothing works that needs wireless. Seems like a odd thing to happen with a wireless system.

    Thank you for your help.

  • I have a HD mesh system in bridge mode, with ethernet backhaul. The functioning of the wifi connection doesn't depend on whether I have internet connectivity via my ISP or not. To say it in your words: wireless works when the internet is out.

  • @Otto-Wilhelm Im not sure what you mean by "To say it in your words: wireless works when the internet is out." It sounds mean for no reason, I could be wrong.🤷 I completely understand what you typed. Although it doesn't answer the question. I posted looking for guidance on why perhaps yours works and mine does not.

    Thank you for replying.

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