Wired backhaul

  • I bought an Alien setup last month to try out - one kit with the router and mesh point and a standalone router as a second mesh point. The main router included with the mesh point kit went faulty so I ended up sending everything back for a refund. As well as the router being faulty I wasn't overly impressed with the wireless speeds I was getting. I am in Ireland so the units I got are only dual band as opposed to them being tri-band in the US. I have since been able to get some network cable hard wired and I am thinking about getting this setup once more as I will be able to wire the main unit to one mesh point and then hop to the second mesh point wirelessly. This should also help with my speeds. I am needing to know if this will work with a wired back haul. The main router unit will feed into a switch in the office, then that will feed into another switch in the attic and then another switch in the living room to connect to the mesh point. Will a wired backhaul actually work ok going through all this. They are all unmanaged switches I have. Thanks

  • @Declan-Twomey

    This should have no problem working.

    I'm in the UK so EU model, a total of 4 Alien units, 1 connects wirelessly the others are all connected via ethernet and around 3 unmanaged switches with no issues.

  • @Joe-Johal Thanks for that.

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