Connecting Amplifi HD to UK BT FTTP

  • Our street now has FTTP so I'm considering upgrading, but I want to continue to use the exiting Mesh network of 2x Amplifi HD's. As I attempt to get educated on what's needed it seems that I can't just replace the Draytek Modem and continue.

    Currently there's a BT Master Socket 5C on the wall with a Daytek Vigor 130 modem connected to it and to an Amplifi HD via LAN. As I understand it, the Master Socket 5C is replaced by an Openreach ONT (probably the Nokia one). I also read (probably incorrectly) that there's a requirement to use a BT Hub box (with a red WAN socket) to connect to it. Correct ? The Amplifi HD would have to connect to the BT Hub box via LAN.

    If true this is a backwards step and reminds me of the old restrictions that used to be imposed by the old GPO on connecting.

    Please correct me anywhere on the above - as you can see I don't yet know what I don't know about this. (Rumsfeld was right).


  • Hey, I'm running BT FTTP right now with an Alien mesh setup (so assuming Amplifi HD would work too).

    All that's needed is to plug the Amplifi router's WAN port into the Openreach ONT that you'll get installed and then change your internet settings on the Amplifi to Network Type PPPoE with username "" and password "bt" (no quotes).

    Gladly, my BT Hub is still unopened in it's box!

  • Excellent news, thanks. Just what I wanted to hear. Maybe I'll upgrade the HDs to Aliens at the same time (wish it was in white though). Can I pose two additionals ?

    Do you have a landline ? If so, where is that connected ?

    What plan are you on and what speeds do you get ?


  • I don't have a landline; if I did it would plug straight into the Openreach ONT. It's just a normal phone socket so you could connect any existing telephone wiring in your house to it.

    I got the "Full Fibre 900" package (gigabit really), and get around 980 Mbps download over ethernet and around 600 Mbps at a reasonable Wifi range, using Wifi 6 2x2 or Wifi 5 3x3 (though that's related to the Alien rather than the connection).

    One slightly frustrating thing about a BT line is that it's asynchronous, so they limit you to 120 Mbps upload speeds for no obvious reason. I recently moved from another house which had a Cityfibre gigabit connection which allowed the same 1 Gbps upload and download speeds; not to mention it was £10 / month cheaper :D. I couldn't find any ISPs other than BT that offered the full gigabit speed, the rest topped out at 500 Mbps, which seemed strange; maybe they just need more time for that to be commercially viable.

    Overall, highly recommended, and once you get it you'll never be able to go back.

  • @EP01 Thanks. Interesting what you mention about WiFi rates. If I do this, then it would be the first time that WiFi will be faster than Wired. In my old house I had a GB LAN everywhere - now I am rate limited by Powerline (can't run Cat6 through the walls.). This is another reason for upgrading to Alien.

    I'm also finding less reason to run data around the LAN as video streaming is moving to watching external video in place of internal video from NAS units. So it all seems to be consistent - more WiFi and less LAN.


  • @EP01 I've come late to this post and meanwhile BT digital landphones have arrived. My existing phone was converted to digital through an electrical plug unit into which the phone line also plugs at the top. How can I put this unit into the Open Reach ONT as I have FTTP and intend to use the ONT instead of the BT Hub for my Amplifi?

    Thank you.

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