Amplifi Alien fan speed on 0 rpm

  • Is this right the fan rpm is 0, as my unit is getting warm only had it a couple of days, temp is 65.
    Any advice would be great thanks.

  • @Lee-Hicks

    I just Got mine some days ago, and i Seem to have the exact same Thing. Ive never seen the fan be On. Always says 0 rpm.

    Is this really normal ??? Mine is up On 62c

  • @Jimmi-S

    Okay weirdly enough i unplugged it and plugged it in again..

    Now its showing the fan going On 958 rpm. With the same kind of temperatur as before.

    My guess is that, the fan was running before, but that it was showing 0 rpm as a bug..

    Despite i cant hear any noise from it at All, so i have No idea if its actually running.

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