• It would be cool to have an option to only show the clock in a vertical position because usually for most people once our wifi is setup on our devices or connected via ethernet, we do not mess with the router often.

  • Hi @Jonathan-Jung - something like this?
    alt text

  • @Derek-Saville this is exactly what I had in mind! Great design and simple for those that don’t need to see network details all the time.

  • Hi @Jonathan-Jung - this was suggested back just after at the original launch, but probably lost now in the 'HD Suggestions' sub-forum since the Alien forums didn't exist back then

    AmpliFi said they would "put it on the list" which typically translates to "don't hold your breath"

    At the time the suggestion was surprisingly quite contentious as well as many owners felt a clock was a complete waste of the display, even if an optional screen wouldn't impact them in the slightest

    I had one HD as the only clock in a corner of a small office, but that use case wasn't popular

    I also have entire HD routers that are Teleported to remote locations so I set the clocks to see their local times abroad, but again, very few people do this

    So in other words...don't hold your breath

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