Is my Amplifi HD Mesh Point broken?

  • Hello all,

    I bought an Amplifi HD Mesh Point on eBay to expand my home network. After the package arrived, I connected it directly and immediately did a factory reset. Unfortunately, the mesh point did not show up as a Wi-Fi network, nor in the Amplifi app. I then tried to downgrade the FW to 2.7.1 via recovery mode (I had received the FW file from support 3 years ago). I was able to find the recovery network in recovery mode (i.e. Wi-Fi network can be created in principle) and also connect. I selected the FW file, uploaded and clicked on update. The LEDs lit from bottom to top for about 3-4 seconds, and then all LEDs started flashing at the same time. After 2-3 minutes, only the bottom LED was on for a few seconds. Then the LEDs started to glow from the middle outwards. Over and over again.

    I still can't find the mesh point in the app. A Wi-Fi network is also not generated.

    Do you have any idea what this can be? Possibly a HW defect?

  • Hi @Muammer-Cakir - have you confirmed it is truly a standalone HD Mesh Point?

    If your were sold a mesh point from a kit it will never connect to any other router than the one it was originally shipped with

  • @Derek-Saville In the link you posted, AmpliFi says, 'Routers that were sold bundled as part of a kit cannot be paired with other devices.'

    I was not aware of that. I bought an HD kit, according to this link, the router can't be used as a RAMP, nor can any other router be paired to it as a RAMP. Is that correct?

  • @Derek-Saville Wow, didn't know that. But, why?

    "MeshPoints that were sold bundled in a system will have two bar codes on the back. "

    Unfortunately, yes, I have 2 bar codes on the back. Is there no way around?

  • I bought an HD kit, according to this link, the router can't be used as a RAMP...

    Hi @Matthew-Leeds - this is correct, the router from a kit must always be the primary router of a mesh, which is also why you can only ever have one kit per mesh

    This is also why a discourage buying Instant kits, because then later on you cannot buy an HD and swap it in is a the main router

    ...nor can any other router be paired to it as a RAMP.

    I think the article is not being clear...standalone devices can still be added to a kit based installation router as RAMPs

    (Note that the HD & Instant range of products are not compatible with Alien range)

  • Is there no way around?

    Hi @Muammer-Cakir - unfortunately there is no way around this

    Hopefully you can get a refund from seller or dispute the transaction

  • @Derek-Saville For clarity, one could add an Instant router as a RAMP to a HD kit. That, of course, assumes that the Instant routers ever come back into stock. They are cheaper than HD mesh points, and support ethernet backhaul.

  • Hi @Matthew-Leeds - correct, you can add a standalone Instant router as a RAMP to an HD kit

  • Wow, didn't know that. But, why?

    Hi @Muammer-Cakir - I must have initially replied to an older edit of post...

    AmpliFi claims it is to improve the user experience and ease of setup for their target consumers (people who want products that 'just work' and don't want to think about them)

    So if you buy a kit you can just power up all of the items and in a glorious flash of triumph your internet just works throughout your whole home with no configuration of the mesh points required

    Unfortunately the story ends in tragic defeat from the first time anything goes wrong...and it will go wrong at some point

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