Consistent Buffering Issues with Echo Studio Home Theater Setup

  • I wanted to see if there are ways that I can mitigate the constant breaking up of the stream between my Alien and my echo studio and sub set up. This is likely "not" an issue with the Alien. Buffering issues with this set up are reported in other systems. However, I think that maybe the Alien could be ahead in fixing this issue.

    By all accounts, it seems that these Echos are losing connectivity with the router, this causes a chain reaction where all sounds stop and many times, it makes a fire tv restart. It seems that all reports and troubleshooting methods aim at the router being the problem. Move the router this way, change the channel there, etc. These are all fixes that you could implement on the router side, yet they don't seem to work.

    I was wondering if the team could look at this and see if there is a way to secure strong bandwidth to this wireless audio setup.

    I have tried doing QoS, changing channels, using a dedicated 5ghz network, using a dedicated IP and a couple of other things. The issue is still there.

    While this is likely an issue that doesn't really concern Amplifi, I was wondering if there is a case to be made for bandwidth-hungry systems like the echo studios in a home theater setup that could make the team look into it some more.

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