wired connections just screwed after EVERY single update

  • i've posted here before and ultimately ended up rolling back firmware and finally getting somewhere but this time it just won't work.

    I have our alarm system, 2 x airport express and an Apple TV attached to a netgear switch (upgraded that after the last round of issues). I have fibre into the house, via the modem bridged to the amplifi unit. zero issues with internet connectivity as the wireless always works. but any time the amplifi restarts, or updates, i lose all ethernet connections. it's a single cable to the switch from the back of the amplifi to the switch and then connections to the various devices. now i've updated and rolled back between 3.6.0 and the previous 3.4.4 over and over, and cannot get a consistent result. if i make any changes like assigning a static IP to an airport express, i lose all ethernet connections. if I reboot the amplifi, it fails to find any ethernet devices. if i reboot the amplifi and then restart the switch, everything comes online in a random assortment, but some without IP addresses, sometimes everything, sometimes one or two devices (of the 4). but then as soon as i try to connect spotify to an airport express, it won't work, and the devices disappear again. I have tried every combination and individual devices connected, and nothing works. wifi continues along merrily, but the ethernet management on this device has been a nightmare the entire time i've owned it...

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