Fan on RAMP running 6400 RPM, won't ever slow down

  • I have just completed the set up of (2) Aliens, the 2nd as a RAMP. The main router is running about 2400 RPM, but the RAMP runs at about 6400 RPM and shows a temp of 123 degrees. Seems to be an opposite problem from the searches I've done about fan speeds. Most are asking about temps in the 140+ range with no fan speed, or very low.
    It's only been 1 day since the setup, but I can't see anything changing which would affect the speed. Almost like it's stuck.

    Anyone have any thoughts?

  • After I tried to factory reset the whole unit, and try several hard unplugs, the problem persisted. The fan would always go to this speed (6400 RPM) as soon as I plugged it in.
    Just exchanged it at the local store and the unit seems fine, exact same location in the house, same setup, same connections. Hovers about 140 degrees, fans are now running about 500-600 RPM on average and it’s very quiet.
    Must have been some physical defect causing the problem, but just glad everything seems fine now.

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