Weak Wireless Signal After a Day of Use

  • I recently purchase an Alien, and it was working great on the 1st day after setup.

    This morning though, I noticed none of my devices were connected wirelessly, and would only connect when I placed them inches away from my Alien. I've tried manually configuring the channel to an open one, etc. but it still doesn't seem to work. I see a very weak signal when I run a wifi scan from a device. Any ideas what could be going on?

  • I just had the same thing happen. Bought a new Alien yesterday, updated to 3.6.0, ran great all day and night, then this morning there was basically zero wireless signal. Ethernet still worked fine, and an unplug brought it back, but if it happens again it's getting returned.

  • So a software reset didn't work but unplugging the power did resolve the issue for me as well. It's been a few days so far without any problems luckly!

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