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  • Hello,

    This may be a bit of an odd request but I just moved and don’t currently have wired Internet connection. I have bought unlimited data on my phone and am using that for a few weeks.

    I’d like to tether the Alien to my phone (use it for internet access) and broadcast its own WiFi as usual. Then, when the wired connection is installed, I can switch over to an Ethernet.

    So my questions, concretely, are:

    1. Is there a name for such a feature? I’m pretty sure some other router I bought had it at some point.
    2. Is it documented somewhere?
    3. If the Alien doesn’t have it, would it be feasible to add? I realise I’m an edge case and Alien users probably have access to high speed wired Internet, but it’s a temporary fix.

  • @habbasi

    You are looking to basically put your router (Alien) into "Bridge mode." This means that it will not NAT/act as an actual router, it will simply be acting at that point as a wireless AP. Problem for you will be that you cannot "Feed" the Alien wirelessly with the uplink connection. this may work if you were able to find a USB-C (Or whatever connector your phone takes) to ethernet/RJ45 adapter to plug into the WAN port of your alien. Again, Im not even sure that your phone would allow the connectivity through like that.. But that would be the only way to do it unfortunately since you have to feed the Alien some sort of wired WAN for the upstream connection. It may be best to just use your hotspot as you are and await your wired connection, unless money/time is not an issue for you, then try a USBC to RJ45 adapter and play around with it, see if you can get something to work. 🙂

    Hope this helps you!


  • @habbasi You seem to be after a feature known as a Wireless WAN which the AmpliFi unfortunately does not support. You will need an LTE router to use as a wireless modem and to then connect this to the AmpliFi to provide your internet.

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